Funeral Ministry

When a person dies, it is important to contact the Church Office (260-489-3537 ext. 3) as soon as is feasible.

Persons in the Funeral Ministry may serve as sacristans for the Funeral Mass. This is of great help to the priest as he prepares for the funeral liturgy. Volunteers are also needed to help with funeral luncheons.

When an Active and Registered member of St. Vincent’s parish passes away, it is parish policy to offer a funeral luncheon for the family and friends of the deceased, depending on the availability of the room where the luncheon is served.

If you are requesting a luncheon, it is important that you contact the Church office no later than 4 pm at 260-489-3537 ext. 3. Please know that there is a $3 per person charge to help defray the cost of the luncheon. (For example, if you estimate 50 people, the charge would be $150.) Make your check payable to St. Vincent de Paul Church and either mail it to 1502 E Wallen Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 or drop it off at the Church Office. Please know that if your family cannot assume this cost, the parish will assist you with this payment upon request.

In planning the meal, it is important for us to know the approximate number of guests who will be present. We always prepare enough food for some additional people who may want to attend. Wine and/or alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

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