Christ Renews His Parish

You did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit, the kind of fruit that endures.  - John 15:16 

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a spiritual renewal process that has been alive at St. Vincent de Paul parish since 1986. Semi-annual weekend retreats, held in the spring and fall, provide opportunities to experience personal conversion and Christian community in a casual, friendly atmosphere. The presenters are a CRHP team of fellow parishioners, the pastor and associate pastor.

For more information, please contact Julia Thill in the Church Office at (260) 489-3537 ext. 208.

You may register on-line by selecting the link to the right.  Or you may register by contacting the Team Invitation Coordinators below:

Men's weekend retreat September 7-8, 2019

Kenneth Shaffner:  605-366-9064, email:


Women’s weekend retreat September 21-22, 2019

Robin Baeske:  260-452-8881, email:

Curious as to why you should attend?  Listen to Fr. Daniel Scheidt or Fr. Jay Horning's homily of February 9/10, 2019!


An excerpt from Fr. Dan’s bulletin article dated August 18, 2013:

Learning the perfection of faith is not simply the task of schoolchildren; it is ultimately the happy work of adulthood.  At its best, school equips and inspires us to be life-long learners.  So in this spirit, I share with you my top ten reasons why those men who haven’t yet enrolled in a Christ Renews His Parish retreat weekend would be wise to do so this weekend, in view of the upcoming September 7—8 retreat:

Top Ten Reasons You Should Go On A Men/Women's Retreat

  1. It is free---a gift from the Lord for you, not to be refused.
  2. Shock family and surprise friends, silencing their nagging and keeping them guessing.
  3. This is a great time to clean out the septic system!  No regrets or excuses on Judgment Day.
  4. If you are too busy, you need to take a time out;
    1. if you are too lazy, you need something to do; 
    2. if you are too distracted, you need a focus;
    3. if you want more for your life, you need to come get it;
    4. if you are already happy with your life, you need to share the joy;
    5. if you are too bad, you need help;
    6. if you are too good, you need to help.
  5. Do something noble and courageous and excellent:  no more passive, distracted under/over-worked suburbanized male/female.  
  6. The world is dying for authentic male leadership; give the next generation something to admire.  
  7. Invest in brotherhood/sisterhood---you need them and they need you.
  8. Honor the months of sacrifices made by the men/women giving this retreat and the literally decades of men & women who have already participated in it.  Do not break the chain of commitment to this good.
  9. The Church needs rebuilding and you are the man/woman for this renovation.  Secularization is too dangerous, and generic, unisex post-Christianity is too pathetic.
  10. For Christ’s sake!!!  The Lord richly rewards those who invest in His adventures and doesn’t, shall we say, take kindly to skewed priorities and lame excuses.  See Luke 14:15-24.

In St. Vincent’s love of Christ,

Fr. Daniel Scheidt

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