Distance Learning

Virutal Learning

Virtual Learning at St. Vincent uses Zoom for your child to join their class live at various times of the day.   Your child will hear and see one of their grade level teachers persenting core content subjects.  They can even interact with their teacher at the appropriate times.  Upon contacting the school office, the Zoom app will be pushed out to your child's iPad. 

Please Watch

Please click on "Zoom Tips for Student" link on the right side.  Within this webpage, are student directions on how to use Zoom.

Grades 1st through 6th

For grades 1 through 6th your child will access their Canvas account and click on their grade level course to view the zoom schedule each day.   The schedule is found when you and your child click on the Today button.

Then under the Welcome, you will see information under "Zooming Times and Meeting Codes"

For 7th and 8th Graders:   

For 7th and 8th grade, the Zoom Times and Meeting Codes are found in either "7th Grade Distance Learning Course" or "8th Grade Distance Learning Course"

Zoom Instructions for Students



Expectations for each child include:

  • Students will mute their mic after joining the meeting. Only when asked if the Distance Learners have any questions, can they unmute their mic

  • Students will show their Camera to view entire face of the student so the teacher knows they are in attendance.  Note:  Students face is only viewable to the teacher.

  • Students must wear a St. Vincent shirt

  • Students must keep their Zoom setting to "Active Speaker" and not Gallery

  • No Chats permitted

  • Be on time

  • Find a quiet area without distractions

  • Have school materials ready

  • Virtual backgrounds cannot be moving or distracting.










Continuous Learning Plan

School Tuition and COVID-19

Zoom Tips for Students

Technology Assistance with the 
iPad and Submitting Assignments

Help: Steps to Submit Assignments into Canvas

A few students have reported not seeing photos in Canvas.  If so, try this:  
Settings ==>  Safari (right ) ==>  on right side

  • turn off:   Prevent Cross-Site Tracking
  • turn off:   Block All Cookie