Placement Policy


It is the belief of our staff that children receive the most benefit from their educational experience when in a balanced setting representative of the greater community in which they live.  For this reason, the assignment of children to individual teachers takes into account several factors to assure that each class is organized in a way that best maximizes the intellectual, psychological and social development of each child.

Further, we believe that the professional staff members are most familiar with each child and the school resources, and they are in the best position to recommend individual student/teacher placements following review of the placement team which considers other information and parental input through the St. Vincent placement information form.  The final decision regarding the placement of each child will rest with the administration

Placement Policy Procedures K-5

A grade level professional placement team will use the following criteria, make recommendations to the administration as to the placement of each child within that given grade level for the subsequent school year.  The composition of each team will include an administrator, the teachers of the grade level being placed, a specialist, a special educator and others as deemed appropriate and appointed by the administrator.


  • The child’s educational, psychological and social needs
  • Parent input
  • Distribution of special needs children
  • Approximate equal number of children per teacher
  • Teacher input from the current year’s teacher

Parent input regarding the needs of the child will be given full consideration by the placement teams.

The school administration, using the recommendations of the placement teams, will make the final determination on the placement of each child in accordance with the established criteria and the unique needs of the child and/or school organization.