After School Care


St. Vincent After School Care


ASC Rates     

$5.00 attendance fee, plus$2.50 per hour

 Masks will be required unless outside or eating snack. 

There is a 20% discount for multiple children.                        No registration fee

Pick up must be by 6:00pm. Late pick up charge is $2 per minute for each child.

To pick up,park and then call 260-750-4161 or 260-489-3537 ext. 211

Staff will clock student out and walk them outside and they will be sent to their vehichles. Parents will not be allowed in the building unless there is a scheduled meeting. 

Daily Schedule: (subject to change)

2:45-3:10pm     Sign in/Snack  (Cafeteria & Gym)

3:10-3:15pm     Bathroom/Transition

3:15-4:00pm     Grades K-3rd Play time (Playground or cafeteria - depending on weather)

                        Grades 4-8 Homework 

4:00-4:15pm     Bathroom/Transition

4:15-4:45pm     Grades K-3rd Homework or Play time

                        Grades 4-8 Play time (Playground or Cafeteria - depending on weather)

4:45- 6:00pm     All grades, Play time 

** Please ensure your child in grades 4-8 has a minimum of 30 minutes of quiet work with them each day. If they do not have homework, they may read or play educational games on school issued iPads.


Billing Info

Charges are billed every two weeks. They will be sent via email. Payment due dates are every other Friday and these dates are stated on the bill. If a family is more than 2 payments behind, without making payment arrangements, St. Vincent de Paul and ASC reserve the right to revoke privileges of sending your children to ASC. You would be notified of this via telephone and in writing. 

Payment arrangements can be made through the ASC Director and any and all alternative arrangements will be documented between the ASC Director and the family.  

ASC Contact Info


Phone: 260-750-4161

PLEASE NOTE: phone is only answered from 2-6pm, M-F, when school is in session. Messages will be replied to during these hours.

Director: Jessica Martinez