St. Vincent is happy to have a school social worker on staff, Mrs. Jodi Helmer.

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Bullying incident

Bully Incident Form - Print and submit to Mrs. Helmer    
Bully Incident - Submit Electronically

Safety Concern Form

In an effort to maintain a safe and secure environment for our students and staff, we continually work to update our School Safety Plan and review the facilities and practices here at Saint Vincent de Paul School.  We invite input from local emergency responders and from others in our community.

At this time we are adding the attached form to invite parents and community members to communicate anything they observe that is a safety concern.  These concerns will be reviewed by our School Safety Committee and administration and the resolutions will be shared.  The most important thing parents can do to help us maintain a safe environment here is to get involved when they observe something unsafe.  If the concern is immediate or serious in nature, we would ask that a phone call be made right away to 489-3537 ext. 213. For example, if you drive by and see a door propped open, please call us so we can rectify the breech immediately.  Thank you for your help! 

In our continued efforts to maintain safety in our schools, we will be providing lessons to students that involve a protocol for responding during an emergency situation. The instruction that students will be receiving will focus on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). This is a national system of common vocabulary, which is used in the event of an emergency. The SRP is used in all schools in our Ft. Wayne - South Bend Diocese.

Preparing our students for real and present dangers is basic, fundamental education. Different times, different circumstances, and different dangers require that we prepare students in different ways. Nobody wants to contemplate something bad happening in our schools, but through responsible planning and training, we are able to respond to a crisis in order to better protect ourselves, and those around us.

Safer classrooms and work environments can only happen if we take action. Safety depends on our ability, our determination, and our committment to make emergency preparedness a top priority. We encourage you to engage in discussions with your child about school and community safety in an effort to be prepared to act in the event of an emercency. 

More information regarding the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) can be found at the link below. Thank you for supporting our safety initiative.








* We will not bully others.


*We will try to help students who are bullied.


*We will try to include students who are left out.


*If someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult.