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Common Questions About School Uniform Code

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions concerning the Saint Vincent de Paul School Uniform Code:
• Fleece jackets are now available from both the online Spirit wear and Land’s End. All fleece jackets must have the approved Saint Vincent’s logo.

• No artificial hair accessories may be woven into student’s hair—this would include the small feathers that have begun to become popular in this area.

• Shoes with fleece/fuzzy linings that resemble moccasin-style slippers are not allowed.

• Skorts from Land’s End must be the at-the-knee length style (#32008) as in past years.
• Items that have had the logo added are still returnable at Land’s End.

• We are currently working on a methodology to “grandfather in” skorts already purchased by our families if they are the approved at-the-knee length style.

• Parent’s who have a daughter for whom the at-the-knee length style skort would be below the knee should contact Mrs. Klinker to discuss the situation.

• Please note that skorts themselves will be measured and compared to a sizing chart. If they are not the correct at-the-knee length style they will not be allowed. 

• Once an administrator has made a decision concerning uniform code for a particular child, the decision is final.