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BrainPop Jr
Christ Our Life
ClassKick Pro
Discovery Education
Generation Genius ( Science )
Learning Connection - DOE
McGraw Hill  ( Connect Ed ) Reading, 6-8th Health, 5th-8th Science
Raz Kids
Reading A-Z
Reflex Math - Teacher Login
Think Central / HMH ( goMath ) - 4th & 5th Grade
Wordly Wise i3000
Catholic Identity
Catholic Identity Padlet 2020-2021
( Classroom Ideas, Sharing our Faith, Theology of Body )
Productivity Tools
Classroom Screen
PDF Candy ( PDF Tools )
AimsWeb - Teacher Login
iLearn Assessment - Teacher Login
AimsWeb - Benchmark Screen Help  
AimsWeb - Digital Record Form Stimulus Materials
AimsWeb - Getting Started and Scoring Videos
Aimsweb - Quick Step Guide for Teachers
Canvas Training
Canvas Tutorials - hoover over blue dots
NWEA - RIT to Concept Charts
NWEA - RIT to Reference Charts
NWEA - Khan Academy - Map Grwoth 2-5
NWEA - Khan Academy Standards
Technology Introduction - email distribution lists, Google tutorials, Smartboard tutorials, NWEA tutorials
SVFW Canvas Courses
Technology Tech Help for Teachers
Canvas Help
iPad Tech Help and Tutorials
goMath Help
Theology of the Body Curriculum
SVFW - Teachers
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