Tuition and Scholarships

June 2018

Dear Parents,

I am writing to thank you for your commitment to the Catholic education of your children, especially for the sacrifices you make each day for our School to thrive. Since December of last year, I have been meeting extensively with the school board, the parish finance committee, and the parish business manager, Tom Schuerman, to develop a sustainable school budget which makes a Catholic education available to all our families, across the whole spectrum of financial need. We have devoted considerable effort to making each dollar effective in the educational experience of your children.

The parishioners of St. Vincent’s generously support our Grade School through church offertory donations, which reduce tuition for all our active parishioner families. Students of these families benefit from a tuition rate far below the actual amount expended on the education of each child in our School. For the 2018-19 school year, St. Vincent’s students will receive $4.00 from parishioner donations for each $6.00 received in tuition and fees. In addition, financial scholarship assistance is available from various sources to ensure that all families can provide a Catholic education for their children. About 1 in 4 of our school families already benefits from these scholarships.

Salary increases to provide our teachers and staff with a living wage, as well as other increasing expenses, cause our school budget to increase modestly each year. The tuition schedule for 2018-19 reflects this increase in costs and a need to ensure that the support from parishioner donations is sustainable for the long term (next year fully 40% of all church offertory monies will subsidize our School, still remaining above the Diocesan recommended limit of 40%). St. Vincent’s tuition is favorably comparable to that of other Catholic schools in our area and has been approved by our Diocese, our school board, and our parish finance council. As you read over the enclosed packet of updated tuition information, please carefully note the additional resources on how to apply for financial scholarships to offset tuition expenses. Many families also take advantage of the SCRIP program, which also directly offsets final tuition expenses. Catholic education is the primary mission of our Parish of St. Vincent’s, and I assure you of our commitment that no active St. Vincent’s family will be denied a Catholic education at our School based on inability to pay. If you have any questions regarding assistance, you can contact Kathy Palmer in our school office. Easter blessings on your family!

In service to Christ and to you,

Mrs. Cheryl Klinker and Administrative Team

St. Vincent’s School Board Parish Finance Council