Kindergarten Information



St. Vincent Full Day           Kindergarten Program


St. Vincent de Paul School is a fully, dual accredited academic environment which has provided a challenging curriculum and taught Catholic values to students for over 50 years. Our Kindergarten students are offered:

                                 *A full day Kindergarten program

                                 * An academically challenging environment with enrichment activities in music, art                                      and physical education.

                                 * Classrooms that include SMART boards, iPads and current technology  Weekly all                                      student Mass, daily prayer and daily religious activities

                                  * Safe and effective environment

                                  * School Choice Scholarships and tuition assistance for families who qualify

St. Vincent de Paul’s Kindergarten offers a comprehensive curriculum aligned with                               Indiana state standards. The school is accredited by the State of Indiana as well as by Advanced Ed. Some areas of studies include:

                                  * Word recognition, fluency, and vocabulary development  

                                  * Reading comprehension

                                  * Writing for meaning and understanding

                                  * Handwriting

                                  * Counting, comparing, grouping, naming and organizing numbers

                                  * Basic addition and subtraction skills

                                  * Access to classroom iPad learning centers and SMART board learning technology

                                  * Catholic religious education focusing on God as our Creator and daily prayers 

* Children must be age 5 by August 1st .