School Board





 St. Vincent's Board of Education is an advisory board that works with the administration, staff, and parents to establish goals, objectives, policies, and programs for the operation of the school. 

The board assists the administration in defining the needs of the school, identifying solutions, determining a budget for the school, managing the development and public relations initiatives, and evaluating other means of meeting the schools needs. Members serve a three-year term, and are chosen through a discernment process.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. The meeting dates, times, and locations are posted in the back of the Church and are available in the school office. The meetings are open to all interested persons.

Meetings are open to the community and anyone interested in attending a meeting is welcome. Anyone wishing to be added to the agenda to address the Board at a meeting should contact the School Board President at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.

If you have any questions or input for the board, please feel free to contact any member.


Meet your School Board Members


Sarah Blake - President; Finance Chair, Policy Chair, Principal Evaluation Chair, and Strategic Plan Committee

Randy Post - Vice President; Discernment Committee Chair, Finance Committee, Orientation Committee, Principal Evaluation Committee

Pete Schenkel- Secretary;  Athletic Committee, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee

Stacey Grashoff - Athletic Chair, Advancement Liason, Strategic Plan Chair

Ana Vargas- Fine Arts Committee, Orientation Committee, Catholic Identity Committee

Patty Godfrey- Advancement Committee, Discernment Committee, Fine Arts Committee, Technology Committee

David Findley- Athletic Committee, Facilities Chair, Policy Committee

Joe Leksich - Facilities Committee, Principal Evaluation Committee, Strategic Plan Committee, Technology Committee

Kyle Farmer- Fine Arts Liason, Orientation Committee, Strategic Plan Committee, Technology Liason

Liz Arnold - Fine Arts Committee, Advancment Committee, Orientation Chair

Drew Linder - Athletic Committee, Discernment Committee, Catholic Identity Committee